Who we are

With over 10 years experience in the furniture industry Nest Furniture Co. Ltd really has a story to tell. Mr Habib Chammass C.E.O of the company with his business mind has brought the company this far from a company that use to design furniture for individuals and small companies to one that designs for Embassies, Royal Palaces, Ministries and so on.

Why buy furniture from outside when you can get all you want here at Nest Furniture Company Ltd. We produce a selection of high quality and exquisite designs of settees, dining sets, lounging chairs and beds that simply give you that unique and special ambience.

Nest Furniture Company Ltd gives a touch of elegance and richness to the extremely well-built top quality furniture.

Furniture designed by Nest Furniture Company Ltd have been specially designed for a particular refined public capable of valuing a skilful work made of massive wood only

It is very well known and thanks to the excellent work carried out for the very qualified clientele which appreciates the artistic furniture constructed in a really expertise manner as done in the Otumfuo’s palace.

Taking our dining room set for instance which has been specially made to overcome any interior decoration problems. They do not follow fashion trends but are the very idea of elegance.

We design to suit your needs and help you make or modify the choices made. So for all the furniture you need for your interior decoration, offices and so on contact Nest Furniture Ltd for prompt delivery and very competitive prices.